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Friday, February 27, 2015

A Day In The Life

I've always enjoyed reading "Day In The Life" posts on blogs (check out Carly's here) and thought I would share my own! It's hard to come up with a typical schedule because my life revolves around my classes, which change based on the day, so here is what my busiest day (Friday) looks like.

A Day In The Life |

6:20am Wake Up
No matter what, I wake up at 6:20am. I could go to bed at 1am and still rise by 6:20am! It's just a blessing and a curse of my body. The good thing about it is that I never have to rush in the morning. Once I wake up I lay in bed and check the weather, email, Instagram, and Twitter on my phone. I then physically rise, open the blinds, make my bed, and get dressed. Next is brushing my teeth and doing hair and makeup, packing my bag for the day, and out the door I go.

7:30am Breakfast
The dining hall doesn't open until 7:30am which is too late for my taste (it's even worse on the weekends when I have to wait until 10am!), but I'm waiting there patiently in line when it opens. I read the Wall Street Journal on my phone and always eat a toasted english muffin, strawberry yogurt and a banana.

8am Class
On Fridays my first class is Early History of China. Such an interesting start to the day (and I say that without sarcasm)!

9:20am Read blogs and start on the day's to-do list
I sit in the business building lounge with my laptop and go through my Bloglovin' feed. This is one of my favorite parts of the day! I also look at my Pinterest feed and do some blog promotion (tweeting, pinning, etc). After that I usually do school work; mostly readings.

11am Sales Competition practice
I'm traveling for two sales competitions this semester (to Georgia and Texas. I am so excited!) and have to make sure that I am well prepared, so I practice with my sales professor two times a week.

12pm Lunch
Sometimes I meet a friend for lunch and sometimes I go alone and have a working meal. Either way, it's a nice hour and a half sort of break during the day (let's be honest, I don't really take breaks haha).

1:30pm-5:20pm Class
I have Professional Sales and then Operations Management. I enjoy both classes so I don't really mind how long it is. Although I will admit I do find myself checking the clock a little too often when the end comes closer. Just five more minutes...

5:30pm Hang out with PSE people
I go back to the business building lounge to hang out with members of my chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon (a co-ed professional development organization) before our weekly meeting.

6pm PSE meeting
During our weekly meetings we find out what events are coming up, share any exciting news from the pervious week, and toss around ideas for how to continually grow and improve the chapter.

6:45pm Dinner
I meet friends for dinner. This is the first moment in the day that I actually relax!

7:30pm FUN!
Finally I get back to my room since leaving over 12 hours ago! I'm not there for long though because with a quick swipe of lipstick I'm off again. I go to campus events with my friends or even have an evening in with myself. My recent Fridays consisted of movies with my friends, treating myself to watching Downton Abbey and painting my nails, and playing poker. No matter what, I make a conscious effort to put aside the books and celebrate the end of the week.

My bed time varies on Friday depending on what type of fun the evening consists of. Usually it's sometime between 10:30pm and midnight. Regardless, come 6:20am the next day I'm up and ready to get it all going again :)

What does a typical day look like for you?


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How To Present Your Best Self

Although the benefits of presenting your best self are surely self evident, many either don't know how to or fail to (myself sometimes included).

How To Present Your Best Self |

Today I won't focus on how great it is to present yourself well (perhaps that will be a post for another day), instead I will give you some tips of how to do it.
  • Take care of the nonverbal image you give. The way you dress and maintain yourself is a direct reflection of who you are and your values. Is your hair unkempt or nicely styled? Are your shoes scuffed or shined? Although we all know that these indicators don't necessarily reflect who a person is, nor should it, an impression is undoubtedly made. Be conscious of your appearance and take steps to craft it to your liking.
  • Along with your appearance, also be careful of body language. Posture is huge in my book; slouching can make or break you. I sometimes struggle with keeping myself standing and sitting tall, especially when I'm alone, so I leave little reminder notes for myself. Take time to identify any problems you may have, such as folding your arms, using your hands excessively when you talk, or not making eye contact, and make a sincere effort to amend it. 
  • When it comes to interacting with others always be positive. Being positive in good situations is pretty easy, but the mark of a truly great person (which you surely are!) is being positive even when things go wrong. Do your very best to be a person others want to be with in the easy and hard times.
  • Never talk badly of another person. When conversation turns to gossip and not very nice things are being said, do not participate! Since you are reading this you want others to think highly of you, so why would you bring down someone else? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all
  • Know what's going on in the world. Be able to converse on a plethora of topics so you can effectively make a connection with anyone you meet. I stay up to date on the news by reading theSkimm
  • Always strive to do your best and be humble when you are met with success. No one likes a braggart nor does anyone like a sluggard, so for your own sake and for your value in the eyes of others, work hard and don't rub it in when you do great. I'm not suggesting that you downplay your success and kill yourself with work, but rather put in the effort due to a task speak about it with modesty when asked i.e. don't go shouting from the rooftops that you got an A on your final paper. 
These are just some things to keep in mind when evaluating the message you are sending. There are so many more facets which can be addressed so let me know in the comments if you'd like to read more!

How do you present your best self?


P.S. This post was originally a guest post (by me!) on Kate the (Almost) Great

Monday, February 23, 2015

Etiquette: Dining Hall Edition

When walking into your college dining hall there is a whirlwind of activity and getting food to a table is almost as difficult as figuring out what chi square equals. With that being said, it is certainly not ok to throw etiquette out of the window and embrace an "every man for himself" motto.

Etiquette: Dining Hall Edition |

Here are some guidelines to help you navigate the dining hall with grace and style.
  • In compliance with everyday etiquette you must always have a napkin on your lap when seated. The napkin should be folded towards your body and if you are dealing with paper napkins, just do your best. When you leave the table during a meal, place your napkin on your seat and when you are done with your meal you can dispose of it.
  • Keep your drink to the right side of your plate and do not put your phone, id, or your purse on the table.
  • If you need to leave the table at any time you can simply say, "excuse me" without further explanation.
  • Never cut any line when waiting for food; first of all it's rude and second of all you never know how hungry people will react to you getting between them and their food!
  • Always move quickly through line and have your order ready before getting to the counter to aid the workers in efficient service.
  • Do not attempt to carry more plates than you can manage back to your table. You are asking for a disaster! Remember, you can make multiple trips if necessary (this is especially relevant for TCNJ students like me since using a tray labels you as a freshman).
  • If the dining hall is particularly crowded, do not linger after your meal. If you wish to socialize more with your friends then you can find another place instead of taking up tables that other students are waiting for.
  • At the end of your meal be sure to collect all plates and napkins and bring them to the washing station. When you look back at the table it should be in a condition which you would be happy to sit down to; i.e. no excessive crumbs or spills
Hopefully these tips will prove useful and help you enjoy your dining hall experiences! If you are interested in general table etiquette and place setting requirements you can read more here.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Personality Test: ESTJ

A long while back a friend asked me if I had ever taken a personality test. I hadn't and she convinced me that it is a lot of fun and I totally needed to find out what combinations of letters were categorized by my personality.

Personality Test: ESTJ |

After taking the test here I found out that I am an ESTJ. From what I can gather this means that I am a traditional person who puts great stock in law, leads by example, and values strong character. The strengths for this personality type include being dedicated, strong-willed, direct and honest, loyal, patient, reliable, and organized. As great as all this is, this personality type of course has weaknesses: inflexible and stubborn, judgmental, too focused on social status, difficult to relax, and difficulty expressing emotion. Although hard to admit, I do see some of these weaknesses in my own life, but the strengths are definitely there too!

I was so pleased to see that when careers were addressed, working in a legal firm, as a sales representative, and in management were all mentioned. I don't discuss my career aspirations much on the blog (except briefly in the about section) but all of these options are highly appealing to me and fit into my studies exceptionally well. I think it's safe to say that I've chosen my major and minors well!

This was a fun test to take and I recommend checking it out to see if it fits you!

Have you ever taken a personality test? Do you think they're accurate?


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Favorite Instagrammers

I'm excited to participate in another linkup today through The Well! Last month's post was about an item that I purchased in 2014 and now can't live without. Check out that post here. Today I am going to answer the question: Who are three of your favorite Instagrammers to follow and why?

Favorite Instagrammers | alyssajfreitas.blogspot,com

I am admittedly not the most regular Instagram poster. In fact, I can go weeks without posting a new image so I highly admire people who are able to come up with posts weekly, daily, and even multiple times a day. How do they do it?!?! Without further ado, here are my three favorite accounts to follow on Instagram.


I'm a fan of Amy's blog but she doesn't post as regularly as I'd like, so it's great to follow her on Instagram to get a glimpse into what she's up to. She is a student in the U.K. so expect a lot of pictures of books in Hogwarts-like locations!


I absolutely ADORE Katie and her travel blog Hope Engaged! Her positivity and faith radiate in every post, plus the amazing places she and her husband travel keep me constantly coming back for more. Her Instagram includes even more of her beautiful travel shots.


Whitney is a blogger with a real eye for design. Not only is her blog a favorite, but her Instagram feed never disappoints. She's one of the frequent posters that I mentioned before. I simply don't know how she can come up with so many great photos!

Who are your favorite Instagramers to follow?


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